Reservations and Ticketing

  • What number do I call if I want to make a booking or to buy a ticket?
    (632)855 9000.
  • Where can I pay for my ticket?
    You can pay through our Reservations Telepay service using a credit card,
    or at any of our Ticket Offices that accept cash and credit card.
  • Can I pay using my Debit, Prepaid and ATM Cards on your online booking?
    No. We only accept credit cards.
  • What type of credit cards do you accept online?
    We accept MASTERCARD and VISA only.
    *NOTE: For your Safety,please use your principal credit card only
  • I bought tickets online, can I rebook them through Reservations or the Ticket Offices?
  • I bought a ticket online using my credit card, do I have to present the credit card upon check-in?
    Yes. Together with a valid ID with picture.
  • Can I book an online ticket for another person using my credit card
  • I Booked an online ticket for another person using my credit card, but I'm not traveling. Are there any requirements?
    The passenger must present a clear photocopy/scanned copy of the card used and a valid ID of the card owner. Originals not required. The airline will not collect these copies and will return them to the passenger after check-in.
  • Where are your ticket offices and authorized Travel Agents?
  • Can I book and pay for a ticket at the Ticket Office?
  • Do your ticket offices accept Debit, ATM cards and Check as payment? 
    No. We only accept cash and credit cards (American Express, JCB and Diners)
    Can I refund a ticket at your Ticket Offices? -Yes. Our organic Ticket Offices can accept ticket refunds.
  • Can I rebook/rebook my ticket/s at the Ticket Office? 
    Yes, if applicable. Please call our Reservations or visit our Ticket Offices for more details.
  • Can I change the name on the ticket; transfer my ticket to another person?
    No. Ticket is strictly non-transferable.
  • I would like to rebook or reroute my ticket. Are there any charges?
    YES, the following Change Fees shall apply:


    PHP1344/route, changes made 1 day prior the scheduled flight.


    PHP1,000.00 or
    PHP 1,500.00 depending on the type of ticket fare class. Fore more details, please call our Reservations or visit any of our Ticket Offices.

    NOTE: Fare Upgrade Charges may still apply if provided in the fare rules and restrictions of the passenger's ticket.
  • I would like to refund my ticket. Are there any charges?
    YES, if your ticket is refundable the following charges will apply:

    PHP1344.00 for refunds processed 1 day prior to flight.

    PHP2800.00 for refunds processed anytime before or after the flight provided that the ticket is still valid.

          NOTE: Web Admin Fee/Ticketing Service Charge/Convenience Fee is non-refundable

  • Can I refund a partially used ticket? 
    Yes, as long as the ticket fare is refundable. Otherwise, the ticket is forfeited when unused.  
  • I purchased a ticket online, where can I get a refund? Will I receive it in cash?
    You may proceed to any PAL Express Ticket Office to apply for a refund. You will not get it in cash; the refund amount will be charged-back to your credit card account. Check your Statement of Account for the adjustments.
  • I am overseas and I purchased a ticket online, how can I get a refund?
    You will have to send an email to our Online Support team at onlinesupport@flypalexpress.com. Please note that you will be required to furnish the following documents to facilitate your refund:

    – Formal request from the credit card owner indicating (a) the name of the passenger/s, (b) the credit card number, (c) ticket number and (d) coupon number/route to be refunded and the reason. The credit card owner can only request for the refund.

    – A clear photocopy/scanned copy of a valid photo ID of the card owner (This must bear the same name on the credit card used).

    – A clear photocopy/scanned copy of the front side of the credit card used online.
  • How long will I expect to see the adjustment on my credit card statement?
    Approximately 30 banking days (excluding holidays).
  • I purchased my ticket from a travel agency, where can I get a refund? 
    You can refund the ticket from the travel agency. Otherwise, you can always proceed to any PAL Express Ticket Office. 
  • I lost my e-ticket itinerary, what should I do? 
    Proceed to any PAL Express Ticket Office and have your itinerary re-printed. If you purchased your ticket on-line, just click on the link provided in the email to retrieve your itinerary and print it out. You can also call our Reservations hotline 63-2-8559000 to request for an e-ticket itinerary email.
  • I wasn't able to take the flight, can I rebook or refund my ticket? 
    No. Tickets will be forfeited if reservations are not cancelled before at least 24 hours before the flight.
  • What airport terminal do I go to in Manila for my PAL Express flight?
    Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 and Terminal 2. Please click here to know your terminal 
  • What airport terminal do I go to in Singapore for my PAL Express flight? 
    Changi International Airport Terminal 1  for flight departure/arrival 28 October 2013 onward.


NOTE: To avoid forfeiture of tickets for further use or refund, do not forget to cancel the reservation at least 24 hours prior to the flight departure


  • Do you accept Infants for air travel?
  • What are your conditions for Infant passengers? 
    – They can avail 10% of the accompanying adult's fare (Does not occupy a seat/no baggage allowance)
    – They are considered 16 days to 23 months old
    – They are alloted 1 (one) baby stroller free-of-charge.
    – They are always accompanied by an adult.
  • Do you accept Children for air travel?
  • What are your conditions for Child passengers?
    – Those who are 2 to 7 years old cannot travel alone and must be accompanied by an adult.
    – Those who are 8 to 12 years old are permitted to travel alone provided that they are properly endorsed to the airline and assurance that the child will be picked-up at the destination (Unaccompanied Minor).
    – Those who are 13 to 17 years old are permitted to travel alone.
    – They are assigned a seat.

    NOTE: Pal Express does not have Child Fares, we offer discounted/promotional fares that a child can avail.
  • Can I book an Infant or a Child ticket online?
    Yes, as long as they are traveling with the accompanying adult.
  • I have a ticket already and I want to book my Baby/Child. How can I do it?
    Just call our Reservations or visit any of our Ticket Offices.
  • Do you have discounts for Elderly passengers and those with disabilities? 
    Yes. We offer discounts for Senior Citizens and for Persons with Disabilities. These ticket discounts can only be availed of through our Ticket Offices. Why? The necessary ID card has to be presented physically to avail either discount.

    NOTE: These discounts cannot be availed through our online booking facility.
  • Do you accept expectant mothers for air travel? How many weeks pregnant? 
    Yes, as long as they are 32 weeks pregnant and below. An Expectant Mothers Information Sheet (EMIS) will be required from the passenger. The EMIS is available at any of our Ticket Offices and at the airport.

    NOTE: Expectant mothers who are 33 weeks pregnant and above will not be accepted for air travel.

Seat Selector

What is Seat Selector?
Seat Selector is a special service offered by Pal Express that allows passengers to pre-reserve their seat at a minimal cost.  Standard Seats are sold at PHP 150 per way. Choice Seats such as exit rows and the first two rows are sold at PHP 250 per way.  
How do I pre-reserve my seat?
You can pre-reserve your seat during your online ticket purchase or by requesting Seat Selector when purchasing your tickets through Pal Express Call Center or at any Pal Express Ticket Office.  You may do this from the time of your booking up to 48hours prior to your flight.
How can I select my seat if I booked my flight through a Travel Agency?
If you booked your flight through a Travel Agency you can select your seat by calling our reservations number at (632) 855-9000 and ask for assistance from our Customer Service Agent

<!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]-->What happens when there are no more seats available to reserve when I'm booking my flight?
This doesn’t mean that you won’t have a seat on your flight, it simply means that the only seats left to assign will be done directly at the airport upon check-in.

I’m changing my flight(s). Do I need to select a seat again?
Yes, you need to select a seat again and pay the corresponding fee.

Is the Seat Selector fee refundable?
No, the Seat Selector fee is non-refundable if passenger voluntarily cancels or changed his flight

Is the Seat Selector fee transferable to another person?
No, the Seat Selector fee cannot be transferred to another person.

Seat Selector Conditions:

Seat Selector is available between the time of booking to 48 hours prior to flight departure.

Guests selecting Exit Row Seats must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be above 15 years of age
  • Guest must not be elderly
  • Guest should be physically fit and without hearing or visual impairment or other disabilities
  • Guest should have sufficient mobility, strength or agile in both arms and hands, and both legs
  • Guest should be able to speak in English
  • Guest should be able to understand and carry out instructions, which will be given in English on board during the flight
  • Adult guest should not be traveling with infant or children below 15 years old or someone that needs his/her assistance during emergency situation
  • Guest should acknowledge the exit row briefing that will be given out by the Cabin Crew once on board the aircraft 
  • Guest must be willing to assist the Cabin Crew during an emergency evacuation situation 


  • What airport terminal do I go to in Manila for my PAL Express flight?
    Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 except Bacolod (BCD), Cebu (CEB), Davao (DVO), General Santos (GES), Iloilo (ILO), Laoag (LAO), Tagbilaran (TAG), Kalibo (KLO) 2P 249/239 which will depart/arrive at NAIA Terminal 2.
  • What airport terminal do I go to in Singapore for my PAL Express flight?
    Changi International Airport Terminal 1  for flight departure/arrival 28 October 2013 onward.
  • What time do I check-in for my flight? 

    For Domestic flights: 2 hours at least before the scheduled flight departure.

    For International flights: 3 hours at least before the scheduled flight departure.

    Note: Check-in counters close 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time. If you fail to check-in on time or fail to board on the aircraft by the time the aircraft departs, the fare you paid will not be refunded to you for any reason or whatsoever. Your ticket shall be forfeited.
  • What do I present for check-in? 

    For Domestic flights: valid ID card (company, school, government issued: Driver's license, TIN, SSS, Barangay, Voter's, PRC and the likes) with picture and e-ticket itinerary.

    For International flights: a valid Passport, Visa and/or other travel documents required for the country of destination and passenger e-ticket itinerary.

    NOTE: It is the sole responsibility of the passenger to ensure that he/she has the proper travel documents required for his/her destination. The Airline will not be liable for any consequential expense or loss as a result.
  • I don't have an ID card, what can I present? 
    Valid NBI or Police clearance with picture. Infants/children without IDs can present their birth certificates. 
  • Where do I pay the Terminal Fee/Airport Tax? 
    At the Terminal Fee Counters of Philippine airports.
  • Do you provide wheelchair assistance at the airport? 
    Yes. Upon request.
  • Can I bring my own wheelchair for check-in? 
    Yes, free of charge. You can surrender them at the check-in counters or at the boarding gate.
  • Can I bring my wheelchair on board the aircraft? 
    No. They will be placed in the cargo compartment separately from baggage. 
  • I haven't paid the Philippine Travel Tax, where can I pay it? 
    At the designated Philippine Travel Tax counter at Philippine airports.
Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 except 
Bacolod (BCD), Cebu (CEB), Davao (DVO), General Santos (GES),
Iloilo (ILO), Laoag (LAO), Tagbilaran (TAG), Kalibo (KLO) 2P 249/239

Web Check-In

  • What is Web Check-In?
    Web check-in is the process of confirming one’s presence on a flight via the Internet. This online feature allows passengers to check-in and select their preferred seating before arriving at the airport.
  • Who can check-in online?
    Passengers holding confirmed booking and valid e-ticket may check-in online.

    The following may not be eligible for web check-in:

    >Passengers who need medical or special assistance
    >Unaccompanied minor
    >Group (16 or more passengers) under one booking

  • Is web check-in available for all PAL Express flights?
    Yes. Web-Check-in is available on all domestic and international flights.
  • When can I check-in online?
    Web check-in is available 24 to 2 hours prior the scheduled departure time. 
  • I purchased a ticket from a travel agent, can I also use the web check-in?
    Yes. Passengers who purchase tickets from any PAL Express ticket office Contact Center, travel agency and flypalexpress.com may use the web check-in.
  • Will I get my reserved seat?
    Yes. Your specific seat reservation/request will be pre-selected when you check-in for your flight online.
  • Can I change my seat after I have checked in online and printed my boarding pass
    Yes. Go to web check-in home page and retrieve your booking. Click on the ‘Select/Change Seat’ button and choose any available seat. You need to reprint the boarding pass reflecting your new seat assignment.
  • Can I reserve )Prepaid Seats when availing of the web check-in?
    Passengers who have prior arrangement for premium and exit row seats may avail of their reserved seats. Other passenger may choose regular seat at web check-in and request for reseating at the Web Check-In Baggage Drop / Document Verification counter at the airport.

      Prepaid Seat shall apply when availing of premium and exit row seats.  

  • Can I check-in my return/connecting flight online?
    Yes. You may check-in your return or connecting flight as long as it is within 24 hours from the outbound flight.
  • Can I do online check-in for my traveling companions?
    Yes. You may check-in your traveling companion if you have the same booking record.
    For group bookings, you can check-in five (5) passengers or less with different surnames.  If there are more than five (5) passengers, you can only check-in passengers with the same surname in a single transaction. You need to repeat the process for every surname on record.  

  • Can I check-in an infant?
    Yes.  The infant will be checked-in together with the adult passenger.
  • Can I reprint my boarding pass?
    Yes.  If your home- or office-printed boarding pass is damaged or lost, you can go to web check-in home page and retrieve your booking anytime up to 2 hours before scheduled departure time.
  • What do I need to present at the airport?
    Present your home- or office-printed boarding pass and a valid ID at the airport baggage drop and document check counter. Those who purchased ticket at flypalexpress.com may be required to present the credit/debit card used online.
  • What must I do when I arrive at the airport?
    Passengers without baggage for check-in can proceed directly at the boarding gate indicate on the electronic boarding pass after complying with airport security formalities. Passengers with check-in baggage must be at the Web Check-In Baggage Drop / Document Verification Counter 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
  • What happens if I don’t make it to the counter or boarding gate on time?
    PAL Express reserves the right to offload passengers for failure to arrive at the Web Check-in Baggage Drop / Document Verification Counter or boarding gate on time.
  • Do you carry hazardous materials on board?
    Hazardous materials are prohibited in checked or carry-on baggage. There are exceptions to personal care, medical needs sporting equipment, and items to support physically challenged travellers.  For example: 

    *Personal Care Items containing hazardous materials (e.g. flammable perfume, aerosols) totalling no more than 70 ounces may be carried on board.  Contents of each container may not exceed 16 fluid ounces. 

    *Matches may not be carried on your person.  However, “strike-anywhere” matches, lighters with flammable liquid reservoirs and lighter fluid are forbidden, in carry-on items and checked baggage. 

    *Firearms and Ammunition may not be carried on by a traveller on an aircraft.  However, unloaded firearms may be transported in checked baggage if declared to the agent at check-in and packed in a suitable container.  Handguns must be in a locked container.  Boxed small arms ammunitions for personal use may be transported in checked luggage. Amounts may vary depending on the airline. 

    *Dry Ice (4 pounds or less) for packing perishables may be carried on board an aircraft provided the package is vented. 

    *Electric Wheelchairs must be transported in accordance with airline requirements, the battery may need to be disconnected, removed, and the terminals insulated to prevent short circuits. 

Mobile Check-in

  • What is Mobile Check-in?
    Mobile Check-in is a FREE service that allows PAL Express passengers to conveniently check-iin their flight from a mobile smartphone
  • What are the benefits of Mobile Check-in?
    By using this service, PAL Express passengers can avoid long lines at the airport and save time because they can now check-in wherever they are
  • How to access Mobile Check-in?
    Using your smartphone with a live Internet connection, just log on to http://www.flypalexpress.com/mci and follow the prompts
  • What are the routes allowed for Mobile Check-in?
    Mobile check-in is allowed for all Domestic and International flights operated by PAL Express.
  • What information I need to have for Mobile Check-in?
    -Passenger's First Name
    -Passenger's Last Name
    -Departure City
    -Confirmation Code
  • What are the requirements for using Mobile Check-in?
    -Check-in 3 to 24 hours prior to your flight.
    -Should have a confirmed ticket status.
    -Not more than 9 passengers in one Reservation Code.
    -Check-in baggage should be declared at the check-in counter.
  • What are the restrictions for using Mobile Check-in?
    -You are not a passenger travelling with Infant.
    -You are not a passenger requiring special assistance (e.g. Unaccompanied minor, passenger traveling on wheelchair, visual and hearing impairment, passenger with medical conditions, expectant mothers)
    -Ticket series starting with 079 and 21123 are not allowed
  • Is this service available for non-revenue tickets (from sponsorships, gift certificates, etc)?
    -Yes, as long as there is a valid record locator, which is indicated in the ticket.
    -Note that this service is not available for tickets from travel benefits of PAL Express employees.
  • My return flight is also on the same day. Can I use mobile check-in for both flights?
    -Yes, time gap between arrival of previous segment and departure time of the next segment is within the MCI window.
    -Tickets should be both operated by PAL Express
  • I have a connecting flight. Can I use mobile check-in?
    -Yes, but ensure that time gap between arrival time of previous segment and departure time of the next segment is within the MCI window.
    -Connecting flight/s should be operated by PAL Express.
  • I previously purchased an assigned/ premium seat for my flight. Will it work with the mobile check-in service
    Yes. The system will already select your previously paid premium seat when you use this service.
  • Can I do Mobile Check-in without selecting any seats?
    Yes. The system will randomly assign a seat.
  • Can I change my seat assignment once Mobile Check-in was made?
  • Do I need to proceed to PAL Express check-in counter on the day of my flight?
    -Yes. You must proceed to PAL Express check-in counter at least 45 minutes before your departure time. A printout of the boarding pass must be presented along with a valid photo ID and credit card used in purchasing the ticket(s).

    -If the credit card owner is not part of the travelling party, it is mandatory that a photocopy of the credit card and a photocopy of the credit card owner's valid ID be presented.
  • I experienced an error when using the Mobile Check-in service.
    You may call PAL Express 24/7 Reservations Hotline at 02-855-9000 (Manila) and 032-505-1616 (Cebu) for verification of your booking. You can also chat with us at facebook.com/flyPAL or twitter.com/flyPAL for immediate assistance.

  • In case you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact PAL Express at the following:

    (02) 855-9000 (Manila) and (032) 505-1616 (Cebu)



  • What is an Unaccompanied Minor?
    A passenger, aged 8 to 12 years old travelling alone provided the minor is being taken and met at the airport of  departure and arrival by the parent/s or guardian.

  • What are the requirements of a UM travelling?
    - UM shall be accepted only when he is confirmed on all flight egments up to jis final destination
    - The UM handling Advice Form is completely filled-up
    - The handling fee of PHP 500.00 is settled.

  • Where can I seure the UM Handling Form?
    - You can get it from our organic ticket office or from our airport station office nationwide.

  • What are the seating requirements of UM?
    - UM should be seated at rows 2-3 only
    - UM is not allowed to occupy an emergency exit seat.

  • Can we accept a minor who is below 8 years old?
    - No.


Expectant mothers who are not beyond 32 weeks of pregnancy are acceptable to carriage under the following conditions:

 -No tickets must be issued to a pregnant woman unless the Expectant Mother Information Sheet (EMIS) has been accomplished.  
 -Open-dated ticket is not allowed.
 -For expectant mother who is beyond 22 weeks of gestation must seek prior approval from PAL Express Medical at least 24 hours before the departure time.
 -Preganant woman are not allowed to seat on an emergency exit seat.

  • Where shall I go to a medical clearance from APX Medical?
    - You or your representative may ask assistance to any of our organic ticket office or to any airport station office of PAL Express  nationwide or
    - You may directly fax the EMIS to APX Medical thru (632) 853-1529 or (632) 804-1139 or send it thru e-mail at medical@flypalexpress.com


Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) are not considered medical case passengers.  Thus, there is no need to accomplish or present any form like incapacitated form or medical certificate.  For any assitance in going through the airport formalities, just approach any of our ground staff who will be happy to assist.

  • Is there a limitation in the acceptance of an unaccompanied PWD?
    - Yes, but this is in combination of other unaccompanied minor or medical case passengers.  For Airbus A320 is four (4) abd for Q300/400 is one (1)
    - For example, we may accept 1 unaccompanied minor, 1 unaccompanied medical case and 2 unaccompanied PWDs for any APX flight using an Airbus A320 aircraft.
    - However, there shall be no limit to the number of ACCOMPANIED incapacitated/medical case (except mental patients), minors, and persons with Disabilities (PWDs provided that they present the proper and complete documentation.

  • What seats should be given to the PWDs as well as to medical case passengers and senior citizens?
    -The seats assignment shall be as follows:
     A320      Rows 3-5     seats C and D
     Q300      Rows 3-5    seats B and C
     Q400      Rows 3-5    seats B and C


Medical case passengers will be accommodated on PAL Express  flights as long as the following are met

  • Incapacitated Passenger's Handling advice (INCAD) Form is accomplished and approved by the APX Medical as the basis of establishing facts that the passenger's carriage does not pose a threat to the safety of other passengers and their property, to the crew or to the aircraft.
  • Incapacitated passenger is willing and able to comply with the specific conditions and requirements that may be applied to their transportation, as specified in PAL Express'  regulations and tariffs.
  • The airline must be notified of passenger's condition at least 48hours in advance prior to passenger's scheduled departure.
  • If needed, an able-bodied accompanying adult may be required who will be responsible for helping the MEDA passenger's needs on the entire duration of the flight.
  • Where can I get the INCAD Form?

    - You may also get it from any of our organic ticket office or any station of PAL Express  nationwide

  • What categories do you consider for a passenger to be called MEDA?
    Pre-mature babies, passenger with faecal incontinence, cases involving passengers with oxygen supply-cardiovascular diseases, myocardial lesions, high blood pressures, respiratory diseases, blood and lymphatic system disorders, disease of endocrine system, shock and overwhelming infection, genito-urinary disorders and among others.

    The following is the the summary of medical clearance and/or escort requirements:
    MEDA Case Yes Depending on APX Medical's decision
    Passenger on Wheelchair No, unless MEDA if MEDA, see MEDA
    PWD No, unless MEDA If MEDA, see MEDA

NOTE: For Manila, we have assigned a dedicated counter (check-in counter number C17) for web check-in, mobile check-in, and for passengers needing special assitance (PWDs, Senior Citizen, etc).


PAL Express introduces a new range of Fare Families or Branded Fares, where distinct free baggage allowance is associated to each fare brand.  Travellers enjoy flexibility in choosing the fare that comes with needed baggage benefits.
Unless otherwise provided in the e-ticket, the following FBA and Excess Baggage Charge (EBC) shall apply on PAL operated flights:

DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS (effective 18 September 2013)


(From Manila)
per Kilo 

(To Manila) 
per Kilo 

All Domestic No Baggage 10 Kilos 20 Kilos PHP 200 (VAT inlusive)
INTERNATIONAL (to/from Philippines)
Dubai 30 Kilos USD 30 AED 110
Hong Kong 20 Kilos USD 6 HKD 44
Kuala Lumpur MYR 26
Singapore SGD 22
  • What is the handcarry allowance?
    1 piece at 7 kilos and 45 inches (115 cm.) in dimension (Length+Width+Height)
  • What is the allowable baggage size?
    62 in (158 cm.) in dimension (Length+Width+Height)

  • Do you extend additional Free Baggage Allowance for passengers connecting from an International flight?
    No. Carrying-over the FBA of connecting passengers from international flights is not applicable on PAL Express flights.
  • We are travelling in a group but one of us won't travel anymore.  Can the Free Baggage Allowance (FBA) be transferred?
    No. The FBA is per passenger, per ticket.



For safety reasons, dangerous goods (articles or substances which are capable of posing a risk to health, safety, property or the environment) must not be carried in passengers’ handcarried or checked baggage.

The following articles are not allowed to be carried in the cabin. These items must be put in the checked-in baggage:

  • Nail cutters, swiss knives, scissors, any bladed items or sharp objects
  • Umbrellas of any type
  • Bicycle chains and jacks or other similar items
  • Lighters, which contain “butane” as well as matches, are prohibited in both handcarried and checked baggage
  • Zippo lighters can be checked in or handcarried as long as it is completely drained of its fluid
  • Liquids, aerosols, and gels (LAGs) in 100ml or less are the only ones allowed in handcarried baggage.  LAGs must be placed in containers less than 100ml and must be secured in airtight plastic bags as changes in cabin pressure may cause even well sealed items to leak
  • All kinds of adhesive tape (masking/packing/scotch/duct/electrical/rubber)



Prepaid Baggage

What is Pre-paid Baggage?
Prepaid Baggage is a special service offered by Pal Express allowing passenger to pre pay their excess baggage.

How do I avail of this service and what are the rates?
Prepaid Baggage is available between the time of booking and up to 4 hours prior to flight departure through Pal Express online booking, Pal Express Call Center and Pal Express Ticket Offices. Rates are as follows:

Domestic Flights:




Additional Kilograms


(inclusive of 12% VAT)

Airbus A-320

(Except for flights to Dumaguete and Tuguegarao

Small Bag

15 kilogram

PHP 200.00

Standard Bag

20 kilogram

PHP 350.00

Large Bag

30 kilogram

PHP 675.00

Extra Large Bag

45 kilogram

PHP 1,250.00

Aircraft/Destination With Weight Restrictions


Additional Kilograms


(inclusive of 12% VAT)

Bombardier Q-300 and Q-400

Small Bag

10 kilogram

PHP 200.00

Dumaguete and Tuguegarao (utilizing A-320)


Small Bag

10 kilogram

PHP 200.00

Regional Flights (Manila to Singapore v.v.; Cebu to Hong Kong v.v.; Manila to Kuala Lumpur)



Additional Kilograms


(inclusive of 12% VAT)

Airbus A-320


Small Bag

15 kilogram

PHP 400.00

Standard Bag

20 kilogram

PHP 600.00

Large Bag

30 kilogram

PHP 1,000.00

Extra Large Bag

45 kilogram

PHP 1,700.00

Is Pre-paid Baggage Refundable?

  • If passenger voluntarily cancels his/her flight, Pre-paid Baggage fee will not be refunded.
  • If flight was cancelled by the airline and passenger decides to take the alternate flight offered by the airline, his/her baggage allowance will be accommodated to his/her alternate flight. Should the passenger decide not to take the alternate flight, Pre-paid Baggage fee will be refunded in full.

Is Prepaid Baggage Rebookable?
If passengers voluntarily change or rebook his/her flight, Prepaid Baggage fee will be forfeited.

What if the actual weight of the baggage I checked-in exceeds/lesser than the Pre-paid Baggage I purchased?

  • If the actual weight of the baggage upon check-in exceeds the pre-paid baggage weight category, the standard excess baggage fee will apply on the weight difference.
  • category, the standard excess baggage fee will apply on the weight difference.

Can I purchase different type of Pre-paid baggage in one booking?
No, a passenger can only purchase one type of bag per sector. 


NOTE: Additional Prepaid Baggage is still subject to the airline’s Terms and Conditions for Checked Baggage

Sports Equipment

1. How can I pre-pay my Sports Equipment?
Sports Equipment is available between the time of booking up to 4 hours prior to departure time through PAL Express Website, Organic Ticket Offices, Services Centers and Call Center. 

2. How much will I have to pay for the Sports Equipment?
PHP 1000.00 per person per way.

3. What is the maximum weight under the Sports Equipment Service?
15kgs per person per way

4. I purchased my tickets through a Travel Agency; can I still avail of this service?
Yes, you may call our Call Center through (02) 855-9000 or (032)505-1616 for Cebu, to avail of this service or through our Organic Ticket Offices and Service Centers. 

5. How is this different from the Pre-paid Baggage service?
This service entitles the passenger of up to 15kgs of Sports Equipment.  Currently sports equipment is weighed together with the passenger’s pre-paid baggage allowance (if he availed of one).  With this new service of PAL Express, passengers can now enjoy both the pre-paid baggage option and additional 15kgs of sports equipment. 

6. What are the eligible sports equipment covered in this service?

  • Golf Clubs
  • Diving/Scuba Equipment
  • Surfboards/Surfing Equipment (not windsurfing)
  • Wakeboards
  • Bicycles
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Bowling Balls 

7. What if I availed of the Sports Equipment Service and actual weight of my baggage exceeds 15kgs?
If you exceed the Sports Equipment allowable weight, the excess weight will be charged either by volume or actual weight whichever is higher. 

8.  I have a 10kgs Free Baggage Allowance, I also availed of 10kgs. Pre-paid Baggage and Sports Equipment for my Golf Bag, but the actual weight of my regular checked-in baggage is 15kgs and Golf Club is 15kgs.  Will I still pay any excess baggage at the airport?
No, you will not be asked to pay any excess baggage fee at the airport anymore. 

9.  I have a 10kgs. Free Baggage Allowance, I also availed of 10kgs. Pre-paid Baggage and Sports Equipment for my Bowling Balls, but actual weight of my regular checked-in baggage is 23kgs. and Bowling Balls of 15kgs.  Will I still pay any excess baggage at the airport?
Yes, you will have to pay excess baggage fee for the 3kgs in excess of your excess baggage.

10.  I have a 10kgs. Free Baggage Allowance, and availed of Sports Equipment for my Bicycle, but actual weight of my regular checked-in baggage is 8kgs. and Bicycle is 16kgs.  Will I still pay any excess baggage at the airport?
Yes, you will have to pay excess baggage fee for the 1kg in excess of your sports equipment.

11.  I have availed of Sports Equipment for my flight, but on the day of my flight I failed to bring any sports equipment, can I refund the fee what I paid?
No, Sports Equipment Service Fee is non-refundable.

12.  I will rebook my confirmed flight; can I also rebook my Sports Equipment service?
No, Sports Equipment service is non-rebookable.

13.  I have cancelled my confirmed reservation, and wish to refund my ticket, can I also refund my Sports Equipment Fee?
No, it non-refundable.

14.  Is Sports Equipment Fee transferable?
Yes, Sports Equipment Fee is transferable.

15.  What is the required packaging for the above-mentioned sports equipment?
To avoid damages, the following must be complied:

  • Golf Clubs – The external container of the clubs must be sturdy designed for shipping.
  • Diving/Scuba Equipment – All items must be secured in a sturdy container designed for shipping.  Scuba tanks and flares are not allowed.  Spear guns must be unloaded with the spear packed separately.
  • Surfboards/Surfing Equipment and Wakeboards – The outer container must be strong enough as protection against dents and untoward scratches.  The length of a surfboard to be accepted must be ____ for Airbus flights and ____for Bombardier Q-400 flights.  For wakeboards length should be _____for Airbust Flights and _______for Bombardier Q-400 flgiths. Only ___Surfboards/Wakeboards are allowed per Airbus flights and _____Surfboards/Wakeboards are allowed per Airbus flights.
  • Bicyles – Tires must be deflated.  Its lamps, mirrors and pedals must be removed.  All other parts of the bicycle must be packed in a way they are positioned in the same direction of the main frame.
  • Fishing Equipment – Its main part should be retractable and must be packed in a sturdy container.
  • Bowling Balls – We accept 2 bowling balls and 1 pair of bowling shoes placed securely in a bowling bag. 

16.  What about other Sports Equipment not mentioned, how can I transport them?
Sports Equipment not mentioned will be assessed using standard excess baggage fee and still subject for acceptance as checked baggage by PAL Express  Check-in Agent. 

17.  Is this service available on all PAL Express flights?
This service is available on all PAL Express flights except for Caticlan, Busuanga and Masbate.  The service is however limited in terms of quantity of prepaid Sports Equipment that may be availed per flight – this is due to the size/capacity of the aircraft to be utilized for the flight.

Government Fees

  • How much will I pay for the Terminal Fee (Airport Tax) in Manila? 
    For international departures: PHP550.00 (effective Feb. 01, 2012)
    For local/domestic departures: PHP200.00. (Effective August 1, 2012, this fee will be incorporated into the domestic ticket fare upon purchase for departures out of Manila)

  • How much is the Philippine Travel Tax?

    PHP1,620.00 for the following:
    – ADULTS with Philippine Passports and without Exemption Certificate
    – CHILDREN without Reduced Travel Certificate
    – INFANTS without Reduced Travel Certificate or Exemption Certificate
    – Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) without Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) or POEA Official Receipt
    – Dependents of OFWs without Reduced Travel Certificate
    – Foreign Nationals with immigration status is 13, 13A, 13B, 13C, 13D, 13E/RP#, 13G/NB, TRV, RA7919, RA7837 or RC/RFC/RECOG/IC, EO 24

    – For CHILDREN with Philippine Passports (more than 2yrs old up to 12yrs old) and with Reduced Travel Certificate.

    – For Dependents of OFWs with Reduced Travel Certificate
  • I bought my ticket from your website. Is the Philippine Travel Tax already included? 
    NO. The Philippine Travel Tax is not included in the total fare quoted online. For international journeys, the Philippine Travel Tax, if applicable to the passenger, shall be collected by the Philippine Tourism Authority (PTA) at Philippine Airports.

    The Philippine Travel Tax shall apply to (A) all citizens of the Philippines, (B) foreign permanent residents and (C) non-immigrants who have stayed in the Philippines for more than one (1) year, who are leaving the country.

    NOTE: If you are exempted from paying the Philippine Travel Tax or entitled to a Reduced Travel Tax, you must secure either the following certificates from the Philippine Tourism Authority (PTA) or Department of Tourism (DOT) before making a reservation:
    – Tax Exemption Certificate (TEC)-Exempted from paying the Philippine Travel Tax.
    – Reduced Travel Tax Certificate (RTTC)-Qualified for a reduced rate Philippine Ta.
    – Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC)-for Overseas Filipino/Contract Worker (OFW/OCW).

    Please click PTA TRAVEL TAX PRIMER for further details.


  • Do you serve meals on-board? 
    No. Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are sold.
  • Can I bring my wheelchair on-board? 
    No. They will be placed in the baggage compartment, separate from baggage.
  • Do you have in-flight audio/video entertainment? 
  • Can I smoke inside the aircraft? 
    No. All PAL Express flights are non-smoking flights.
  • Can I use my laptop and any electronic device inside the aircraft? 
    No. Using these devices are not allowed inside the aircraft.Ôªø


  • I did not receive my baggage, what do I do? 
    Proceed to any PAL Express  personnel for assistance and report the matter.
  • My baggage was damaged, what do I do? 
    Proceed to any PAL Express  personnel for assistance and report the matter before leaving the aiport.
  • Do you provide airport transfers from terminal to terminal in Manila?
    Yes, since we have an Inter Terminal Transit Lounge (ITTL), an airside transfer for passenger holding PAL Express/PAL tickets.
  • Do you provide hotel transfers? 
    No. Inquire with local transport services at the airport.

Airport Services

  • What is UM Fee? 
    Unaccompanied Minor(UM) Fee is a fee collected for the services rendered in handling/assisting a minor, aged 8 to below 12 years, who is travelling alone on an Airphil Express flight. 

  • How much is the UM Fee? 
    UM fee is P500(inclusive of VAT, domestic only) per passenger per sector at point of check-in.

  • What other requirements do I need to comply aside for the age bracket being mentioned earlier? 
    -The parent or guardian has to do the booking 48 hours BETD.

    -An accompanying adult has to be present at the time of check-in.
    -The maximum number of UM has to be followed per aircraft type.
    -The UM Handling Form has to be properly accomplished.
    -UM shall be met by an adult at the destination station.
    -Minors aged 8 and below shall not be accepted as UM.

Third Party Payment

1. I don’t have a credit card. How do I book and pay in cash?

WEBSITE: A passenger simply goes through the usual booking process on the website.  Upon reaching the payment page, passenger simply needs to choose the "THIRD PARTY PAYMENT" tab and the website will generate a 14-digit reference number and total amount due.

RESERVATIONS HOTLINE: A passenger may call our reservations hotline, +632 855-900 (Manila) and +032 505-1616 (Cebu), for booking creation and they will be given a 14-digit reference number and total amount due.

Note: Please keep this reference number and total amount due to be presented to any of our partnered payment centers when you settle the payment.

2. What is the cut-off time for reservations hotline to accept bookings for payment partners?

Reservations Hotline can accept hold booking requests until 11:00PM

3. Can I reserve for today's flight?

No. You can only reserve for flights departing more than two (2) days from the booking creation.
o    Date of booking: August 8, 2013
o    Applicable flights: August 11, 2013 and onwards


4. What are the flights and fares applicable?

All domestic, regional and international flights and fares are applicable.

5. Does Philippine Travel Tax for International bookings already included in the total amount due?

Philippine Travel Tax shall be paid upon check-in if booking was made online or thru selected payment partners. For bookings made thru Reservation Hotline, Philippine Travel Tax is already included in the total amount to be paid.

6. Is there a charge to this service?

None. Only the total amount quoted online and thru our reservations shall be paid at the time of settlement.  However, some of our accredited payment partners may charge additional service fee. 

7. Are discounts applicable?


8. Can I also avail other travel services?

Yes, you can avail other travel services like Prepaid Baggage and Sports Equipment as long as these are purchased with a ticket at the same time of the reservation.

Note: Availing of Travel Insurance and Prepaid Seat using “Third Party Payment” is not applicable

9. How long do I have to pay for my hold reservation?

Hold reservations must be settled until 11:45PM of the same day the booking was made.  Otherwise the booking will expire and you must create another reservation.

Note: Not all partners are open 24/7. Payment settlement is still dependent on the operating hours of our payment partners’ branches.

10. What will I do if I'm unable to take note of my 14-digit reference number?

You may call our Reservations Hotline for assistance, (632) 855-9000 for Manila and (032) 505-1616 for Cebu.

11. What happens if I am unable to pay for the reservation within the deadline provided to me? (For example, I am unable to find an open branch of the payment partners.)

Your reservation will expire and you must go through the process of booking again. Remember, hold bookings should be purchased on the same day of the reservation. Due to the limited availability of promo fares, we strongly recommend that payments should be settled as soon as possible to guarantee that they can fly PAL Express at the same rate indicated in their reservation.  

12. I don't have any booking yet, can I book and buy my ticket at any payment center?

This will be based on the services being offered by PAL Express Partners since not all payment partners’ branches are equipped with PAL Express booking facility.

13. Can an authorized representative pay for my reservations?

Yes. As long as the correct reference number is presented and total amount due is paid within the specified time period/ deadline.

14. Do accredited payment partners accept Debit Cards, ATM Cards, Credit Cards and Check as payment?

No. Payment partners can only accept CASH payments.

15. Can I create last minute changes on my booking?


16. Where can I settle the payment of my reservation?

>M. Lhuillier 
>Robinson's Department Store
> 7-Eleven
> Selected PETRON Shops
>Selected PETRON Stations (San Miguel Food Avenue):

  • Bel-Air
  • Wack-Wack
  • Sierra Madre
  • Dasmarinas Village Makati
  • Sucat
  • Filinvest
  • Connecticut
  • katipunan

 >Selected SM Business Service Center

  • Mall of Asia
  • Megamall
  • Makati
  • North Edsa
  • Fairview
  • Cebu
  • Davao

 >ECPAY Merchant Partners

  • Enterprise Bank
  • Metro Gaisano
  • Via Express
  • Prime Asia Pawnshop
  • POS Digital
  • NCCC Department Store
  • NCC HB1
  • Tambunting (JAT-Central Holding)
  • Smart Distributor
  • CVM Pawnshop
  • CIGNAL Distributor
  • Natasha Inc.
  • Feroce Pawnshop
  • MSE (Marikina Shoe Exchange)
  • Magic Appliance Center
  • Royal House Jewelry and Pawnshop
  • Gillamacs Marketing Inc
  • C & L Bayad Center
  • Davao Unified Corporation
  • NIG Marketing
  • LCC Express Link, Inc
  • Ever Plus Superstore Inc
  • Expresspay Inc.
  • Abest Express Inc
  • Jewelhouse Pawnshop and Jewelry 
  • Marjam Money Changer
  • Rural Net Inc

17. Can I also pay for my hold reservations at any PAL Express ticket offices, service centers and travel agencies?


18. Can I rebook/refund the ticket/s to any payment partners?

No. Please note that our payment partners can only transact payment acceptance for original bookings.

19. How can I rebook/refund the ticket?

You may call our Reservations Hotline or visit our Ticket Offices for more details.

20. How long will I expect to receive my E-ticket?

E-ticket will be received as soon as your payment has been posted.

21. What if I didn’t receive the E-ticket?

You may call our Reservations Hotline for verification.

22. How can I obtain an official receipt for bookings that I've purchased through accedited payment partners?

Simply send an e-mail request to PAL Express Fulfillment and Contact Center at onlinesupport@flypalexpress.com. The following details should be indicated:

  1. Reservation Code
  2. Ticket Number/s
  3. Name to which OR will be issued
  4. Fax Number/E-mail Address

You may also contact PAL Express at the following channels for further questions or immediate assistance:

●   Facebook: www.facebook.com/flyPAL

●   Twitter: www.twitter.com/flyPAL   

Passenger Bill of Rights

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